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Nyungwe prides itself as one of Africa's oldest and biggest rainforests and is rich in biodiversity and with a high and dense canopy. It has a lot of activities for you to do from hiking trails, viewing several waterfalls like the small but pretty Isumo Waterfall, primate trekking and bird safari. The perfect sense of the view of Nyungwe is seen from Canopy walkway.  


Learn about mountain tea estate from Shagasha. They offer a 360 tea experience to tourists from tea walks to tea making and even tea tasting. This is perfect for tea lovers and enthusiasts to indulge in a fantastic tea experience. A 48 hours notice before visiting is required and week-end days are excluded.


Rwanda triumphs as the only safe place to the Red-collared Babbler and Nyungwe National Park is the home for this passerine as well as 322 other species. 27 Albertine Rift bird endemics can be found in the park, like; Rwenzori Turaco, Handsome Francolin, and Grauer’s Rush-Warbler. The park has well-maintained trails you can view the birds from and experience bird guides.


Fancy taking a bath in the “magical waters''? About 60KM from Rusizi town lies hot springs and the waters are believed to be medicinal by locals; hence the name “magic waters.”They are a wonderful gift from Mother Nature to Rusizi. 


Not as popular as other cities in Rwanda but it is a real gem. It is small but brimming with unique places that are fun to explore. You can do the city tour on foot, on a bike (you can hire too) or in a car. 


As dusk turns into night, the lake is lit by illuminated lamps used by the Kamembe fishers to attract small sardine looking fish locally known as Sambaza.  As the fishers paddle into and off the lake, they sing and whistle. This is a general profession, but the Lake Kivu fishers process is unparalleled. This scenic view can be experienced from Emeraude's room balconies or the restaurant patio.


It could be you want to tick off from the bucket list or experienced hiker, Nyungwe National Park offers steep  scenic hiking trails which are excellent for any hiker. It has an extensive network of about 15 hiking trails.  There are 3 Tourism Information Centers to assist you in organising your hike and guiding you.


Because it is small in size (5sqKM), it is home to a group of over 30 individuals of Chimpanzees and Chimpanzees trekking is more accessible. Apart from Chimpanzees, the forest has other primates like L'hoest monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Mona monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys. Birdwatching is something you can enjoy in the Cyamudongo though it has fewer bird species. If you are botany struck, it has a few tree varieties and plants too. You may also choose to visit the Nyirandakunze cave


What are you looking for? Some adrenaline rush, a place to conquer your fear of heights, testing your limits or merely some adventure? Look no further, the Nyungwe Forest Canopy walk is a must.  This suspended 70 metres above ground, and 160 meters long treetop canopy walkway will let you see different species of monkeys, birds and magnificent views of the rainforest.


A balmy breeze from the lake, flushing green hills and a sensational traditional lifestyle is what to expect at the Emeraude shaped and coloured the Island of Nkombo. The island is known for its Gusama dancing style (cross-cultural dance between Congolese and Rwanda Cultures). You can go to the island using boats and/ or canoes. A trip to the island and the island itself a captivating adventure on its own


Despite hardships on this tiny island, the population of Gihaya island is very resilient, ready to face any challenge head on and with the utmost courage. Some examples of this resilience are women known as Bakareremba Women Cooperative. Daily, they wake up at 5:00am, ride their boats into the lake towards fishers from whom they buy a few Kg of Sambaza (small fish common in Lake Kivu) that they sell at fish markets. Though the daily profit of Bakareremba ranges from only $1-5 per person, it makes a living. For the last 5 years, Emeraude Kivu Resort has organised visits to this women cooperative to watch their ride on Lake Kivu and how they wave baskets sold at the resort.

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