Despite hardships on this tiny island, the population of Gihaya island is very resilient, ready to face any challenge head on and with the utmost courage. Some examples of this resilience are women known as Bakareremba Women Cooperative. Daily, they wake up at 5:00am, ride their boats into the lake towards fishers from whom they buy a few Kg of Sambaza (small fish common in Lake Kivu) that they sell at fish markets.

Nyungwe prides itself as one of Africa's oldest and biggest rainforests and is rich in biodiversity and with a high and dense canopy.

It has a lot of activities for you to do from hiking trails, viewing several waterfalls like the small but pretty Isumo Waterfall, primate trekking and bird safari. The perfect sense of the view of Nyungwe is seen from Canopy walkway. 

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Lake Kivu Experience

Emeraude Kivu Resort offers luxurious, comfortable and affordable accommodation. The resort is close to Nyungwe National Park, the Green Hills Tea Estate and its factory Shagasha, Cyamudongo Chimp’s Forest, Mashyuza Hotsprings, the Bugarama Valley amongst other attractions.  When at the resort you will have the view of Nkombo and Gihaya Islands – home  to most fishers on Lake Kivu.